PAX West Wrap-up!

In short, It was incredible.
It absolutely pushed my limits in a million different ways, and all of them good. 

I met some REALLY awesome people, some that I've only known online (in fact, MOST) and the best part was meeting someone is real life, and realizing they're JUST as cool as they were in your head :D

Setup went great, and I honestly couldn't have gotten a better spot. I was setup on a corner, RIGHT next to the Capcom/Resident Evil booth! (and next to them, Behemoth!!) And nearly 20 steps away was the main Twitch stage. So I got super consistent foot traffic and tons of curious eyes :) 

Booth during setup hours.

The showfloor before opening really cold, probably to get ready for the massive amount of people coming in soon :P

Warcube even got on the main Twitch stream for a few minutes, and we got to show it off sitting right next to Rami Ismail and Garnett Lee! :D Ahh! Craziness! :) 

There were two stations setup to play Warcube, and on more than one occasion there were lines to play. 

As an aside, standing the whole day was actually wayyy harder than I thought, turns out sitting in a chair and hardly moving for the past couple years hasn't been great for me! :P But seriously, nothing to complain about. 

Topping it off, my voice was completely shot by the last day. I literally sounded like Jeff Bridges. It was beautiful. 

I just wanted to say another big thank you to everyone, for putting up with my random gifs, commenting and encouraging me, and keeping me pumped! It truly means a lot to me :)