Flocking Enemies

But really.

Started playing around with some sweet flocking enemies. Using Behavior Designer to really get the A.I. to at least the Dynasty Warriors level ;) can't recommend that asset enough though! And Justin the developer is absolutely incredible with support, total wizard.

I still don't believe people read indie blogs (except for Mike Bithell because he's funny) so yellatme on twitter if they haven't gone out of business yet! @thatscraig 

Also going to practice writing more so it's not like you're just reading "TITLE text bold text blah blah [GIF]"

...but really, here's your GIF.



imgur, first love

imgur you guys are crazy <3

Like seriously! You can never be ready for this stuff! I put a GIF up then go to snag some food. Couple hours later, I'm on the porcelain throne and go to check my phone, and its blowing up with notifications. 

I love you imgur.

If anyone's interested, keep an eye out for more on imgur, else we just started a subreddit that'll have weekly devlog updates, plus we'd just love to have some friends?

But it's rather lonely right now?

So pop in and say hi? :)