The starting line...

You've probably already heard me say this, but I believe that Early Access is really the starting line. The point when the bell is rung, and I begin the intensely rewarding marathon of working on, and ultimately, SHIPPING a finished game with your support :)

So with that, THANK YOU! To say that it's just an encouragement would be an understatement. It's life changing!  

Here's a loose roadmap for development, bear in mind it's SUPER subject to change. Especially with feedback from YOU, so don't hesitate to give a shout on the Steam Forum/Twitter/Discord/Imgur/Reddit/Anywhere!

Here are my general priorities as straightforward as possible.

1. Polish off existing bugs and integrate quality of life features ASAP.

2. Continue development on main Campaign mode.

3. Introduce alternate game modes to test fun ideas.

4. Continued optimizations throughout Early Access.

(As usual, everything is totally subject to change, let me know what you'd like to see most!) :D

Planned June/July Updates

  • Wrapping all non city locations in Old Kingdom.
  • *possible* siege test mode.
  • Initial Controller Support.

Planned/Future (subject to change)

  • Controller Support.
  • *possible* Linux support
  • Home base upgrades.
  • Troop customization.
  • Army navigation/control.
  • Lite crafting system for map props.
  • Improved procedural enemy battles on map.
  • Co-op Arena mode.
  • Large scale castle sieges (coned off area in the center).


  • Arena Mode
  • Screenspace input controls
  • Screen Lock
  • OSX Support.
  • Improved Stealth system + takedowns.
  • Special Moves.
  • Sandbox, battle mode. (alternate game mode) ((The Void))